Extra Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO)

Extra Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO)

  • $150.00

Sarah McCartney and the 4160Tuesdays team made the super sexy version in the past, but this is the extra super sexy strength. They did it partly because they could, and partly because a well known dating app* chose this one to represent their brand without even knowing the name, so Sarah thought they'd celebrate lavishly and wildly by making a big batch of it, and sharing the joy** by keeping the price the same as the previous one.

They could have made it more expensive to impress people who are impressed by such things, but the people at 4160Tuesdays are just not like that. 

The name. Someone once emailed them, "Do you really think this is the sexiest scent in the world?" We replied, "That's just it's name!" which we got from a journalist who smelled it and declared that she thought it was the sexiest scent ever.

Gold bottles (so we don't get mixed up) 

Wear it if you dare.

*You can guess which the app is, or you can join our closed Facebook group 4160Tuesdays News, where they will tell you.

**And for the management accountants, the economies of scale.