Sample Subscription Pack

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Every month we send you a pack of three ~2.5ml spray-samples from our carefully curated selection. This is a great way to try out fragrances in our boutique regularly, staying up to date on new perfumes and trying our classics. Our sample bottles are plastic 3ml vaporizers, which we will fill by hand in the shop.

There are always new perfumes to try and retry! We will do our best to accommodate your needs to try the new scents in our perfumery as well as classics that have been on the market for a while.

You can buy packs individually at $25, or purchase the subscription program at $20/month. The subscription lasts at least six months, billing on the 3rd of each month, and shipped in the first week of the month. Purchases made on the 1st through 17th of the month are included in that month's pack. Purchases after the 18th of the month go out the following month. For example, if you buy the 15th of January, you will get the January pack shipped out quickly. However, if you buy on the 19th of January, you will get the February pack.

Pictured are three of our sample bottles filled by hand to 2.5ml. The third picture compares a .7ml dabber to our vaporizers. We found that filling samples to the very top causes leakage.