World of Chris Collins

For the past two decades, scent storyteller Chris Collins has been a brand ambassador and face of Polo Ralph Lauren, where he has worked with some of the most famous photographers to create countless campaigns for the iconic brand.
Years of working in the fashion industry has introduced to many cultures around the globe, establishing himself as a fashion icon and becoming the face of the luxury brand market. He has appeared in GQ, Fortune, Yahoo Beauty, RL Magazine, and more. Gotham Magazine named Chris as one of the “Boys of Gotham,” touting him as a lifestyle expert and man of luxury. He has also appeared on the cover of Vue Magazine, sharing his outlook on the life of luxury and style.
Chris Collins' Alchemy of Fragrance is inspired by Harlem’s rich history and relationship with Paris during World War I, and a love letter to its second Renaissance, where culture, literature, fashion, art, food, music and architecture pulse through its veins.