House of Matriarch

"Perfume" literally means "to thoroughly smoke" or "through smoke".  Smoke informs the language of House of Matriarch in terms of the voice, design, and philosophy of the house. Smoke is elegant, it dances, like fragrances on the palette, it is ephemeral, beauteous in its fleeting form and we are captivated by it. Similarly, fragrance is a passing experience, drawing you into a world of memory and emotion only briefly. It is layered in its nature, folding on itself and changing with time.

Christi Meshell, is the artisan nose behind House of Matriarch.  Her versatility as both Creative Director and Fragrance Composer allow her to single-handedly develop a concept from initial inspiration, to rare ingredient gathering and onwards to final display, cellaring and legacy cataloging. While Meshell’s fragrance narrative tells stories of the misted past, her principles of action carry our community into the future, to the pinnacle of the highest art of perfume making and layered scent storytelling.  Hearkening back to the mysteries of thousands of years of discovery and experiment, craft and artful application, Christi has gathered that heritage to a renewed modernist appraisal of the futurist art of high perfumery.