Monthly Subscription

The history of our monthly subscription in reverse chronological order.

Planned for January 2019

INITIO - Oud for Greatness
London by Gallivant


December 2018

January Scent Project - Dinudisit (Sea Flowers) 
Ormonde Jayne - Rose Gold
4160Tuesdays - The Dark Heart of Old Havana


November 2018

Etat Libre d'Orange - I Am Trash
Nasomatto - Black Afghano
Perfumology - Clutch


October 2018

INITIO Parfums Prive - Blessed Baraka
Olfactive Studio - Woody Mood
Quartana Perfumes - Poppy Soma
Zoologist - Tyrannosaurus Rex


September 2018

4160Tuesdays - White Queen
Tokyo by Gallivant Perfumes
Imaginary - Authors Sundrunk