Mother Nature's Naughty Daughters

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Chypre fruity fragrance for women and men. 

An absolutely delicious scent of flowers, fruits, hazelnut and malt.

Long awaited fragrances with natural ingredients from fruits and flowers, ancient resins, ambergris and modern synthetic molecules to bring back classic notes no longer used in modern perfumery. 

What's naughty about it? Opoponax, a sweet myrrh used for thousands of years in perfumery is now restricted. So is rose absolute. 

The "natural" fruits are originally made from natural materials, but not the actual fruit itself. That's a bit naughty too but in a different way, brought about by marketing people insisting that they have to write "all natural" on the packaging. Not a problem though; constraints lead to creativity.


Top notes: black currant, pear and malt

Middle notes: praline, rose, strawberry and broom

Base notes: ambergris, cedar, cedarmoss and opoponax

100ml/3.4oz or 50ml/1.7oz Eau de Parfum