Live N Loud

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Music is the answer to a myriad of emotional needs. It doesn’t matter which genre, music has the power to inspire multiple responses – physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioral - at a very personal level. Recent research has proven that listening to music improves our mental well-being and boosts our physical health. Try to imagine a world without music; in just a second you would realize how much music matters! Music genre conveys specific benefits, so we can make the most of them by mixing up our playlists every once in a while.
As it happens with music, scents can be used to enhance and improve our well being, since it has a direct impact on the nervous system: positive olfactory memories will help self- confidence and distress. Most smells have an aromatherapy effect and essential oils can be used to enhance our well-being, reduce stress and anxiety or recharge the energy level.
Live’n’Loud is a scented playlists that boosts the mind, an opulent yet celebratory fragrance which starts with a hint of Disco and Hip-hop and then turns into more sensual accords of Latino and Rock. Punk and Heavy Metal perform in the end to give power and adrenaline. “I’m addicted to music and I can’t live without it! Just play and relax your mind” V- Monkeys, Forever & Ever

Dominique Ropion composed an oudy floriental fragrance which is opulent and celebratory. Spices, flowers, woods, amber and leather played all together to boost the mind and convey energy and zest.

Disco & Hip Hop

Rock & Latino

Punk & Heavy Metal
Natural Oud
Ciste absolute

Perfumer : Dominique Ropion
Olfactive Family: Oudy - Oriental
Concetration : 22% Edp