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Thank you for visiting Perfumology. We are a small, family owned perfumery who greatly appreciate your orders and fulfill them as quickly as possible. Thank you for visiting Perfumology. We are a small, family owned perfumery who greatly appreciate your orders and fulfill them as quickly as possible.

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Welcome to the alluring world of RDZ, where we're excited to unveil "El Coquí," a fragrance that not only captures the essence of luxury but also embodies the deep and meaningful connection that Puerto Ricans share with their iconic symbol, the coquí frog. This perfume is not just a scent; it's a celebration of Puerto Rico's soul and a journey into the heart of its rich heritage.

Elegance and Cultural Resonance in Every Bottle:

El Coquí is RDZ's tribute to the profound bond between Puerto Rico and its beloved coquí frogs, known for their distinctive and melodious call that fills the night. This fragrance embodies the deep sense of pride, identity, and resilience that the coquí represents to Puerto Ricans. It's a symbol of the island's unyielding spirit and a reminder of its lush, vibrant landscapes.

A Symphony of Scents with a Heart of Puerto Rican Identity:

The fragrance begins with a blend of fresh, aquatic notes, conjuring images of Puerto Rico's picturesque beaches, where the rhythm of the waves mirrors the coquí's nightly songs. The heart of the perfume unfolds with rich green and woody notes, reminiscent of the island's verdant rainforests - the coquí's natural habitat. The inclusion of the quenepa fruit and the flor de maga, Puerto Rico's national flower, adds layers of complexity and authenticity, akin to the multifaceted nature of the island's culture.

More Than a Fragrance: A Symbol of Puerto Rican Heritage:

El Coquí goes beyond being a mere fragrance; it's an embodiment of RDZ's commitment to capturing the essence of Puerto Rican culture and history. This perfume is an invitation to experience a story, a piece of the island's soul, through a sensory journey. It celebrates the coquí as a cultural icon, an enduring symbol of home for Puerto Ricans everywhere.

A Luxurious Homage to Puerto Rico's Spirit:

Selecting El Coquí is not just choosing a luxury fragrance; it's embracing a piece of Puerto Rican heritage. This scent is a luxurious homage to the island's resilience, its enchanting natural beauty, and the enduring spirit of its people, as embodied by the coquí. The fragrance aims to connect wearers to these elements, offering a sense of belonging and a reminder of the island's enchanting stories.

Why El Coquí Should Be Your Signature Scent:

El Coquí is the ideal choice for those who seek a fragrance that embodies elegance, historical depth, and cultural significance. It offers more than a delightful scent; it provides a connection to the heart of Puerto Rico, echoing the cherished memories and the vibrant spirit of the island. Let El Coquí be your luxury escape, a fragrance that resonates with the island's rhythm and the heartfelt call of the coquí: “Co-kee! Co-kee!” Embrace the luxury, the heritage, and the essence of Puerto Rico with El Coquí.