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"You impress me in new ways every day."

Our first from Perfumology, a love letter to my wife, Lyssa. Fun and exciting, versatile, and down to earth. We used the best quality ingredients available to create this wonderful scent.

We found a small Italian orchard with spectacular oranges. Our perfumer, Justin Frederico, and I fell in love with the purity of its scent and wanted to include it. White plum and green apple complete the head of the fragrance. Bulgarian rose was a requirement from me at the heart, as the oil encapsulates the full body of big, beautiful roses. Completing the bouquet are a light amount of jasmine and ylang-ylang. Orris, amber, and patchouli hold the scent together for hours at the base.

Perfumology is the study of perfume, and Blyss is our first fragrance following a few years of study (and a lot of trial and error). Once Justin Frederico and I hit it off, it was clear he would produce the fragrances with high quality ingredients that I required. The name and purpose of our first perfume were decided even before Perfumology existed, but it took working with Justin Frederico to perfect the project. We are grateful for all the love we receive for Blyss.

Blyss is sold at an Extrait de Parfum concentration in a 1.7oz/50ml bottle.