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Perfumer: Philippe Paparella-Paris
Series:  Les Potions Fatales
Release Date:  September 2016
"The lolling weeds of Lether, green or wan,
Exhale their fatal languors on the light;
From out infernal grails of aconite
Poisons and dews are proffered to the dawn."
— Clark Ashton Smith
(Aconite is the common name for wolfsbane)
Angelica Root, Fig Leaf, Cumin Seed, Ginger Root, Absinthe, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Tuberose, Tobacco Flower, Castoreum, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Prunol, Vetiver, Deer Tonque, Black Truffles
@18% Eau de Parfum
COMMENTARY: Originally used in the West for exterminating wolf populations, Wolfsbane was used in the Far East for hunting and warfare by poisoning arrow tips. We wished to imbue the fragrance with this animalic ferocity of the hunter/warrior/wolf to reflect virile rage, but complemented with rich woods and luxurious black truffle. To give it a psychedelic twist, the heart note is wormwood, the basis for the hallucinogenic liquor, absinthe.
50mL box comes factory heat-sealed in a tamper-resistant, transparent chrome mylar pouch.