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Inspired by Berlin designer Anat Fritz’s youthful memories of sun-drenched weekends in the countryside, CLASSICAL has long been that rare fragrance that evokes a nearuniversal sense of childhood. A bright and comforting scent with a luminous nostalgic touch, meant to take each wearer on their own unique journey.

CLASSICAL features three essential main ingredients. Wild lavender is the beating heart of the fragrance, underpinned with rich cedarwood and gentle vetiver to evoke images of lush forests and rolling meadows. In Anat's formulation, the Lavender is toned down, and complemented with the addition of creamy sandalwood – adding a blast of air and light, smoothing the edges into a shimmering composition that perfectly captures the ethereal beauty of a childhood memory – no matter where you grew up.

Anat Fritz Fragrances come in a 80ml (2.7 oz) French bottle, covered by a hand knit pouch, which reflects the designer´s love for knit. 

TOP NOTE:  Lavender
HEART NOTE:  Cedarwood, Vetiver
BASE NOTE:  Patchouli, Sandalwood