SRW Shavette

  • $16.50

Parker’s Shavette Razors are used in barbershops and shave parlors worldwide. The unique clip to close mechanism on this razor keeps the razor blade securely in place and perfectly alligned.

Unlike most shavettes, the razor has a stainless steel blade arm- not lower quality aluminum.

Many straight razor enthusiasts have told us the shavette razors perform just like a straight razor without the required honing or sharpening. Just pick your favorite double edge blade, snap it in half, and insert it into the razor. It’s that simple!

We also carry the blades thea precut in half if you prefer.

  • Razor Type: Clip type barber/shavette razor
  • Height: 5 3/4 in.
  • Handle Material: White Resin
  • Razor Arm – Stainless Steel
  • Razor Type: Clip type barber/shavette razor