Princesses de Malabar

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On the Indian peninsula on the Malabar Coast, the Nair Princesses dreamed up a sophisticated, harmonious society where women held a central position. Legend has it that the lush forest of Kerala produced magnificent blue birds with golden collars to pay eternal homage to the princesses. Since then, at the end of every day, these fabulous birds have created a unique and melodious love song that is carried on a floral, musky breeze up to the heavens.


“A soft musky floral fragrance, it is based on Orris essence in a good proportion, which alludes to the great classics of French perfumery in the Roaring Twenties. Its fruity and almost gourmand side brings a modern twist to the note, which modernity is further enhanced by the aldehyde straight head notes. The heart of the composition boasts a voluptuous fruity/ flowery trio, a peach, jasmine and magnolia combination." - Gilles Thevenin, Creative Director for House of Lubin 
The Malabar Coast of India was also a main source of ingredients supply for French perfumers in the 18th century.
The base ring of the cap is golden, and the top is a mixture of pink and orange shades, like a precious coral from ashore the Malabar coast, or a hint to the bright and vivid colors of the Kerala forest tropical flowers.

TOP NOTES: cotton flower, bergamot

MIDDLE NOTES: peach flesh, white magnolia, Arabian jasmine, Nosy Be ylang-ylang

BASE NOTES: white musk, iris powder, sandalwood, sweet amber, tonka bean

Perfumer: Delphine Thierry