Nordic Noir

Nordic Noir

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Nordic Noir is a scented tribute to the artistic mystery and beauty of the dark and cold season of the north. The art that grows under the great dark blue skies and the harsh conditions that influence the way we work. The Nordic Noir olfactive pyramid takes its inspiration from hope, longing and light in a sophisticated composition with a woody base of cedar and sandalwood, a heart of orris, mint and fresh ginger roots, and it all begins with a captivating top of cardamom and rosemary.

The cold Scandinavia has never smelled so good.

Nordic Noir is a limited edition fragrance exclusively for the United States.

Topnotes: Cardamom, Rosemary pure, Spearmint
Bodynotes: Mint, Orris, Fresh ginger roots, Heliotrope
Basenotes: White cedar, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

50ml/1.7oz Extrait de Parfum