OK Fine Fragrances

OK FINE.... so, what’s the story?

Steve DeMercado and Michael Simpson have made world-class fine fragrances together for the biggest brands in the world for over 20 years. They have worked at some of the best companies and with the best people in the business. And are proud to have helped make hundreds of thousands of fragrance lovers happy. Steve and Michael even won a Fragrance Foundation "FIFI" award together. 

The world of corporate department store fragrance brands has its perks, and like any industry, it also has limitations. We won’t miss the limitations.

Their resumes say they’re "innovation-driven makers and creative lifestyle pushers." It's true. Always have been. Always will be. Only difference is now Steve and Michael are free to have a lot more fun making and pushing. For them, it’s all about pushing boundaries, pioneering new products and have fun doing that better and better everyday. And their true mission is finding those like-minded souls who seek variety, require creativity, curate individuality and appreciate the cool of quality handcrafted everything.  


Steve DeMercado

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Steve, no kidding, truly is a world renowned master perfumer.  He has crafted scents for Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Vince Camuto, Coty and Estee Lauder etc, etc...while working for Givaudan, IFF and Fragrance Resources.


Michael Simpson

Michael Simpson has developed and managed global fragrance brands for Coty in New York and London and created new product concepts for Fragrance Resources' clients around the world.